Different combinations of instruments can be grouped to suit your occasion, depending on your preferences in terms of budget, space, needs and wants. We offer acoustic String Trio or Quartet and larger groups can be arranged on request.

Our group typically does not require amplification but we are happy to arrange it should you require us to do so. In our experience it is best to rather add another instrument before amplifying the group but we’re flexible and can add a sound technician to our team.

Our TRIO has an extensive repertoire list. As a matter of fact, the sound clips below are all played by our String Trio. This combination has become a favourite option for clients over the years. The Trio consists of Violin & Viola & Cello.

The QUARTET is the grouping that most people have heard of and maybe that is why it has always been a favourite. A traditional string quartet includes: Two Violins & Viola & Cello. We are the first to introduce a Double Bass Quartet. Substitute one of the violinists with Double Bass and you have a quartet that means serious business!


We provide music of most genres, from Classical through to Pop and Light Jazz. If your special song is not part of our existing repertoire yet, we will be happy to grant your request and add your favourite to our list.

Over the years our repertoire has naturally grown and expanded. Feel free to listen to the selections below or contact us for our full repertoire list. Let us make some music for you!


Annemi Phillips

Violist, ANNEMI PHILLIPS, started playing the viola at an early age. In 2002 she completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Cape Town. During her studies she received numerous awards and scholarships. She also performed in various orchestras and chamber groups.

It was during her years at UCT that she became a member of the all-girl string quartet group, MUSE, which became a way of life until she settled as a full-time member of the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra from 2009- 2016. It was during this time that she was inspired to start an all-strings collective called SIMPLY STRINGS. This group now performs at a variety of events and weddings across Cape Town and the Western Cape.

SIMPLY STRINGS has been her main musical focus for many years now and she is the groups self-proclaimed admin queen and music arranger. Her hopes are that SIMPLY STRINGS and JUKEBOX STRINGS will continue to spread the joy of music far and wide to all!

Ariella Caira

Cellist, ARIELLA CAIRA, grew up as a musician. She received Grade 8 Diplomas for piano, cello and percussion during her high-school years. She performed extensively in orchestras, ensembles and competitions and was awarded the Herschel High School music scholarship in 2000.

In 2008, Ariella completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town with a first in Acting. She returned to her musical roots proving to be one of South Africa’s most versatile and in-demand cellists. Ariella is a founding member of Sterling EQ, dubbed “South Africa’s all-female instrumental-pop supergroup”. Ariella has recorded for celebrated artists such as Jeremy Loops, Good Luck, Paige Mac, Stealth Ulvang and Alice Phoebe Lou. She also performs with numerous classical ensembles in the Cape Town area and is passionate about chamber music. Arts journalist, Gwen Ansell, described Caira as “an empathetic partner, judiciously underlining and enriching textures and moods”.

Furthermore, Ariella is a seasoned voice-over artist and has hosted a radio show for Fine Music Radio (FMR) for several years. Ariella is also a music educator (including a 7-year post at the prestigious St Cyprian’s School for Girls and a post at Rustenburg Girls’ High School in Cape Town).

Vicente Espi

Violinist, VICENTE ESPI, was born into a supportive musical family and has been studying the violin since he was five. As he grew up, his abilities to play and understand music did too.

Through this journey he has been rewarded with some truly memorable moments like performing on Desmond Tutu’s 80th Birthday. He was also selected to play in the Australian World Orchestra for the 2010 UK Olympiad festival celebrating the opening of the London Olympics in the famous Royal Albert Hall.

As a soloist he has performed the standard concertos with main orchestras across South Africa. After winning a full scholarship to study at any one of the four Royal Schools of Music, he chose to study a Bachelor of Music Honours degree at the Royal Northern College of Music, where he was a pupil of Prof. Wen Zhou Li and completed with a first- class degree result.

He was accepted into Berklee College of Music with a scholarship, completing his studies in 2014. When Vicente is not playing his violin, he spends his time in the studio as a sound engineer, mixing and producing and writing music for his electronic band ANIMA!